Gilbert AZ Foundation Repair Contractors – Concrete Repairman

Gilbert AZ Foundation Repair Contractors – Concrete Repairman
Foundation Problems

Gilbert foundation repair, stem walls, foundation cracks, concrete repair company in Gilbert Arizona.

Most of the homes built in Arizona have poorly treated foundations that allow water to penetrate the concrete used to create the foundation and stem wall that supports the home. When the home’s foundation was poured, metal rebar is put in place to give the concrete additional support and strength. Over time, water leaves efflorescent salt deposits, attacking the paint causing it to peel, chip and delaminate from the foundation, leaving exposed spalled concrete which is highly vulnerable to moisture absorption. Moisture begins to attack and oxidize the metal rebar inside the stem wall, like a cancer. As this happens, the rebar expands and forces the concrete outwards causing horizontal cracks in the stem wall. This will cause the stem wall to fail and be pushed outwards, separating the interior tile, carpet, or wood flooring from the stem wall at the base. This type of problem will not simply just stop and go away, and left untreated, will continue to become a more serious, more expensive, and will become structural. Damage such as this will certainly affect your home’s resale value.

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