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Foundation Repair & Inspections – Concrete Repairman LLC
Foundation Problems?

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is, the condition of their home’s foundation and how to prevent or address any existing problems that will affect their home’s condition, stability, and value. The staff at Concrete Repairman LLC. are experts when it comes to foundation inspections and repair. They understand the issues that Arizona homes have when it comes to issues regarding protecting your home and the investment you have made. The most common cause of foundation and stem wall problems is, exterior water damage. Although this may be hard to believe living in Arizona it’s true. Water damage is the leading cause of foundation problems and failure in Arizona.

How can that be true?
This can happen from number of reasons. Poor landscaping, no rain gutters to provide adequate runoff from the home, low lying areas allowing water to collect near the stem wall, are just some of the causes that create potential problems for your home. Left untreated, can result in costly repairs to your roof, ceiling leaks, and vertical cracks and fractures on the exterior and interior of your home.

How can water do so much damage to my home’s foundation?
Most of the homes built in Arizona have poorly treated foundations that allow water to be absorbed into the concrete used to create the foundation and stem wall that support the home. When the home’s foundation was poured, metal rebar is put in place to give the concrete additional support and strength. Over time the water that is absorbed by the concrete begins to oxidize the metal rebar inside the foundation. As this happens, the rebar expands and pushes the concrete outwards causing cracks and walls to pivot outwards, separating the interior tile, carpet or wood flooring from the stem wall at the base. This type of problem will not simply just stop and go away, and left untreated will continue and become a bigger, costly and more severe problem.

What are some of the early signs?

Some of the things to look for are paint chips, cracks, bubbles or any other signs that things aren’t quite right. If the paint just falls off as you touch it or inspect it this means there is excessive moisture in the concrete. Other things to look for are horizontal cracks, fractures or separations in the concrete. Signs of vertical movement problems you will notice on the inside of your home would include any cracks in the floor or walls especially around windows and doorways. Don’t be lead astray by other contractors who will give you the excuse, “Your home was built on expansive soil” or “Your home was built on farmland” are the two most widely used excuses given by contractors, and experienced structural engineers, yes, engineers, who were taught old school, who aren’t sure what’s really going on. Expansive Soil is real, but only affects a very low percentage of homes. Get the facts before you spend 0 on a engineers report.

Concrete Repairman LLC’s founder, James Belville, is a foundation repair and inspection expert, and a master of his craft, serving both commercial and residential clients in Arizona. James offers a full range of services including, stem wall repair, waterproofing, slab stitching, floor leveling, grinding and much more. With over 32 years of experience, James provides top notch service, and quality craftsmanship install by highly skilled professionals trained by James. If you are concerned about your home’s foundation or buying a home and worried that there may be a problem regarding its foundation, call James and get the answers, not excuses.

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