Concrete Repairman – Best Foundation Repair

Concrete Repairman – Best Foundation Repair
Don’t be fooled by imitation foundation patch work. Some contractors will tell you, “you don’t need to dig out the dirt next to the stem wall, because usually the damage is only restricted to the top”. That may be true for some. The best way is to waterproof all of the vertical concrete with 2 coats of waterproofing to protect the patch from water vapor. Or the patch that was bought and paid for, will laminate off, because of water vapor. This is alimentary. The saving the contractors labor, increasing the profits, and not repairing the stem wall correctly. Don’t be fooled by “Scientific Methods”

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I am a 3rd generation 33 year veteran master of my craft when it comes to foundation repair methods and skill. Call me, I will explain how simple it really is.

Concrete Repairman LLC is a local licensed, bonded, and insured concrete contractors and services Glendale Arizona, Gilbert, and surrounding communities in Arizona.

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