Bonilla Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

I always wonder when buying a pre-owned or new home if oak trees found in the front yard will effect the foundation of a home later down the line.  I know I’ve seen root damage to my previous homes, but the builder always assured me that because the trees are planted a certain distance from the house, that it will not affect it.  Check out the article here in Forbes Magazine:

13. Will The Trees On The Property Be A Hazard Down The Road?

Trees are so often overlooked as a potential hazard until it’s too late. Yes, they look great, provide privacy and all that, but that towering oak that looked so great in the photos is a potential disaster waiting to happen. During inspections, hire an arborist who can identify if certain branches are hazardous, if the tree is diseased or if the root structure is damaging the home’s foundation.

Bonilla Foundation Repair in Houston, TX
Bonilla Foundation Repair is located in Houston, Texas. We are locally owned and operated, and we know how important this is to our customers. As a family-owned business, we also understand the importance of having the highest quality service available to all our customers and the importance of honesty and reliability. Every time we look at your home – we also see our home and will treat every customer the same. You will find that with our experience and professionalism, we are more than qualified to repair your foundation. We offer many services, among them we are experts at working with: Foundation repairs, Slabs, Piers and beams, Blocks and bases, House levelling, and much more.
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