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Solution to Foundation Repair | Phoenix Arizona | Concrete Repairman
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Stem wall foundations are the least expensive of the foundation types, and they are the least structurally stable solution that you’ll find in Arizona. A stem wall foundation is, by definition, not monolithic, and not made up of a single continuous piece. Stem wall foundations rely on an underlying pattern of short, upright walls – both around the perimeter of the foundation and along the lengths of interior room walls. These upright walls protrude slightly above the surface andsupport a flooring layer above. A very common and dangerous problem in stem wall foundations is the formation of horizontal cracks along the foundation, usually above the ground. This visible cracking often occurs because moisture invades beneath the surface of the paint, rises up toward the steel, and begins to cause oxidation. This rust and corrosion deteriorates the concrete around it, leading to cracking, crumbling and structural instability. If you or someone you know experiences these kinds of problems, learn about why Concrete Repairman’s expert James Belville has the only concrete repair company in Arizona to offer complete restorative solutions and repairs for damage like this.

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