Foundation Repair Phoenix – (602) 456-7722 – Concrete Repair

Foundation Repair Phoenix – (602) 456-7722 – Concrete Repair
For foundation repair, Arizona Foundation Solutions in the number one choice.

We’re a foundation repair company, so we investigate and provide a report that documents the problem. And then we provide solutions.

In Arizona I would say the biggest problem is expansive soils that get wet and expand.

You can easily tell by first just looking at cracks in the drywall, doors and windows out of square, and if your floors are sloped.

Those are the general easy warning signs to help you know that there’s something going on with the soil underneath your foundation.

We find that old houses, new houses and everything in between—there’s really no set age that houses can have problems.

One of our consultants will go out and do an initial look for free. If it’s a real simple issue, we’ll document it, and give a price right there on the spot.

If we feel like there’s some analysis that needs to be done, then we pass it on to our engineering team and they come out and do a full engineered analysis.

We’re the only repair company with an in-house licensed engineer on staff.

We like to do a very thorough, careful, scientific engineer, impartial balanced report that documents the problem carefully.

And we want to present solutions that are effective for the homeowner.

At that point then we go back in with our teams and perform the work.

The majority of our work is with homeowners. We do a fair amount of commercial work—shopping centers, office buildings—usually it’s new construction or add-ons.

We have great experiences with customers because it’s our goal to “wow” every single one of them.

We invite you to come and give us a call and have a great experience with us.

Arizona Foundation Solutions
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(602) 456-7722

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