Foundation Repair Gone Wrong – Cost and Who Pays the Price ?

Foundation Repair Gone Wrong – Cost and Who Pays the Price ?
Construction Codes were created to organize and conform all Construction methods to ensure safety and structural soundness. Township Building Department’s were created to assist the public with conformance and review details of all Permit Applications and I for one am glad they do. Getting on the right page before starting a job saves us all from costing ourselves more money. A Township Construction Department is vital for public Safety.

Once upon a time they were called Inspectors. Of course we all need them to inspect, double check and if we missed something or made a mistake, point it out so we can fix it. None of us are perfect and we do miss things and sometimes do something the wrong way. And that’s how the permit process should go. Nice and friendly and professional.

Once upon a time their Title Was Inspector. Now it’s “Code Enforcement” ? I don’t think I like that tone. Do you? In that has become an attitude of conflict. Why can’t we all get along? – Daniel J OConnor

This is a Foundation repair job but I will also do a foundation waterproofing job on the exterior and a Basement Waterproofing job on the Interior.

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