Foundation Repair Cost Dallas

Foundation Repair Cost Dallas

Foundation Repair Dallas – Alternative Solutions & Costs

How much does foundation repair cost in Dallas?

Let’s start out by saying that it is not possible to give you an accurate price without actually seeing, evaluating and discussing with you your property and your individual needs.
Each property has its own unique characteristics that must be considered. Variables like soil conditions, type of foundation, water and sewer line integrity, ponding, drainage management, crack formations, size of building, degree of settling, location of settling, bowing of floors or walls, level readings, extent of sheet rock damage, extent of any wood rot, history of past repair efforts, access to crawl space if present and the list goes on!

In addition to these onsite condition variables, the cost of precise foundation repair technique recommended is likewise highly variable. For example, if underpinnings, piers or pilings are proposed, the cost will vary with the number of installations needed, internal or external placement, the type of materials specified (i.e. cement, steel, cable), installation equipment needed, extent of tunneling or excavation, depth to refusal and of course, manpower.

Of course, you want to get the work done to preserve your property value but not overpay for repairs that are not needed.

That’s where the team at Foundation Repair Pros can save you a bundle!

Yes, we’d like the opportunity to earn your business through our unique evaluation and proposal process. However, we’re building our reputation on advising you on the most practical, cost effective solutions to your foundation issue…even if that means telling you that extensive repairs are not needed!

In more than a few cases, our team has suggested simple leak repairs, landscaping or drainage management corrections that will fix your foundation problem.

Note that these fees do not include the cost of any plumbing repairs, wood beam or joist replacements, soil barriers, or external drainage correction measures. If needed, these items will be priced separately.

Also note that slab foundation repair cost will usually be different from pier and beam foundation repair cost because of the technologies used to correct different structural and water related problems.

Looking at the big picture, the overall cost of a “typical” foundation repair project in the Dallas area will be in the range of ,000 on the low end, up to ,000+ on the high end, with the “average” at about ,500.

Let’s work together to answer your burning question: What’s It Going to Cost?

Give us a call today and we’ll schedule a no-obligation appointment to get that answer to you promptly!

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