Commercial Foundation Repair Project : Jag Building Repair

Commercial Foundation Repair Project : Jag Building Repair
Watch as we walk you through one of our many commercial foundation repair projects. We talk about the unique challenges we faced with this 400ft long structure, that had an elevation differential from one end of the structure to the other of about 3ft 9in.
We conducted soil borings and found that the structure had been built on an old landfill, so as the landfill material decomposed, the ground became unstable allowing the foundation to settle into it’s erratic state. This created a unique challenge to this particular commercial foundation repair job in the need to drive the piles deep enough to find adequate load bearing value to support the structure.
Using perimeter and interior hydraulically driven steel piers, and the most advanced synchronized lifting system available, we drove piers as deep as 78ft to find adequate load bearing strata for some of the perimeter piers!
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